Buffalo Sabres vs New Jersey Devils Game Preview 2/25/2021

Expected Lines











** Lines based off morning skate, Eichel was absent (maintenance) and Skinner was with the taxi-squad










News and Notes

Jeff Skinner scratched….again

For the third consecutive game, the Sabres best 5v5 goal scorer (based off track record) will be in the press box. Skinner and his $9 million cap hit will have to sit back and watch the Sabres play yet again.

While the Sabres fans sit back and wonder what Skinner could have possibly done to land in the Sabres dog house, the coaches swear that this isn’t a disciplinary action.

The reasoning will apparently be kept in house, but Krueger said that this decision is made with the best interest for the group and the team.

Whatever the situation is, it isn’t pretty and the Sabres and Skinner will need to figure out a solution soon. Jeff Skinner is making a lot of money to play, not to sit in the press box and the coaching staff needs to find ways to spark the slumping (in terms of production) forward, not cause unnecessary friction in a key season for the entire organization.

Asplund, Mittelstadt, and Bryson getting another look

After the last game against the Devils, it’s hard to find an argument to take Asplund, Mittelstadt or Bryson out of the lineup and it looks like the Sabres agree.

Asplund scored his first goal of the season, Mittelstadt put forth another strong effort on the Lazar line and Jacob Bryson brought an element missing from the Sabres backend.

Bryson is a high-event player that loves to use his speed to jump up in the rush and create offence, his debut was impressive and if not for a hit post, he would have had his first career goal and it would have been a beauty.

While there’s a lot of negative press around the Sabres lineup, it’s encouraging to see these three young players getting their chance and running with it.

Sabres have the Devils Number (as of late)

While the Sabres have struggled this season, it seems that the Devils are a bit of a favourable matchup. In their previous matchups the Sabres are 3-1-0 against the Devils and have scored at least three goals in every matchup this season

Reverse Retro Night!!

Last quick note, the Sabres are debuting their Reverse Retro jerseys tonight so fans have something different to look forward to tonight.


I think the Sabres continue their strong play against the Devils, it’s tough to be optimistic but this is a must-win game for Buffalo.

4-2 Sabres.

  1. Maybe we can put the coach in the doghouse ThePegulas can afford it after bribing Cuomo $$ re-election campaign


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