TCB Roundtable: Final Predictions for the 7th Overall Pick

The NHL draft is Friday night in Vancouver, the Sabres will have a lot of options at 7th.

While he won’t have a shot at Kakko or Hughes, Botterill will have a lot of prospects from all over the world who will be available when he walks onto the stage. Here at @TheChargingBUF we have all pitched in our final predictions for who the Sabres will select.


The Pick: Kirby Dach

At this point it seems like my top choice (Alex Turcotte) is all but gone before the Sabres are on the board.

Without the opportunity to draft Turcotte, I think the Sabres will have a tough time ignoring prospects like Dylan Cozens and Kirby Dach.

For this article I am assuming that Turcotte and Cozens are both gone before 7th, so I have the Sabres taking the big Saskatoon center.

Dach has been on my radar since the WHL playoffs, he was Saskatoon’s best player throughout the entire post-season and is a rare combination of size, speed and skill that doesn’t come around that often.

Dach (6-4, 198), is a massive young man, he also has the speed and the skill that you want in an NHL center. He was dominant at times during the WHL season scoring 25 goals and 48 assists during his 62-game season.

A group of centers consisting of Eichel, Mittelstadt and Dach would be a very formidable group for the Sabres.

Although Botterill hasn’t drafted a CHL player yet in two drafts, he will have a tough time ignoring a prospect who has the unique skillset Dach does.


The Pick: Dylan Cozens

This isn’t exactly who I want for the Sabres, but I continue to land on him as a fit. There is no obvious player at #7 but I have Dach just ahead of Cozens thus allowing for him to fall to the Sabres.

I don’t read into the “Botterill doesn’t draft CHL players” narrative. He will take the best player regardless of where they played.


The Pick: Cole Caufield

Sabres need scoring wingers and I believe Turcotte and Zegras will be gone. He’s fiercely competitive and has proven he can excel with a playmaking center, which the Sabres have a few of in Jack Eichel and Casey Mittelstadt.

Caufield would compliment either of the Sabres’ top two centers nicely with ability to naturally find the dangerous scoring areas and capitalize on his chances.


The Pick: Trevor Zegras

With word coming out that the Sabres are zeroing in on a centerman, Trevor Zegras is a very enticing option for Buffalo in the event that he’s available at seven. Zegras played this past season on the loaded U.S. National Development Program with the likes of Jack Hughes, Alex Turcotte, and Cole Caufield and he had a terrific season. Zegras is a versatile forward who can the wing as well but he’s primarily a center. Zegras checks off all of the boxes in what Jason Botterill is looking for in an addition to this organization. He is a fantastic skater, has good speed, is very skilled, and is a great playmaker. Zegras is one of the best passers in the draft class and would be a huge addition for Buffalo considering how horrible their passing game has been over the past decade. Buffalo reportedly met with Zegras two times at the combine in Buffalo as well, which clearly shows that there’s some interest there. Having Eichel, Zegras, and Mittelstadt potentially down the middle in a couple years sounds great to me.


The Pick: Trevor Zegras

I believe Trevor Zegras has the potential to drive his own line and if he is still on the board at 7, he’s my pick.

Zegras is a high-end playmaker and is a top 3 playmaker in this draft class. Some of the passes he is able to pull off are jaw dropping and his talent level is through the roof.

His creativity and skill combined with his agility and shiftiness make Zegras an offensive threat whenever he is out on the ice. As the season progressed with the US Development Team, his game matured.

Zegras began playing a more detailed game, especially in his own end, and he began playing with more of an edge. Although I am firmly against drafting for need in the 1st round, it just so happens that Zegras plays center, a position of need for the Sabres.

You can never go wrong with drafting high-end skill, especially when combined with a well-rounded game.


The Pick: Cole Caufield

If Cozens, Zegras, Turcotte and Byram are off the board then I think GMJB goes Caufield. They’re so weak at RW and having goal scorers in the system, add in he’s college bound and just seems like a Botterill pick.

If any of the 4 guys I mentioned above are available though, I bet he goes with one of them instead.


The Pick: Cole Caufield

There’s no denying the Sabres could use some help on the flanks both right now and for the seasons to come, and Caufield fits right in.

With teams like CHI, LA, COL and DET needing Centermen, there’s likely a strong chance the likes of Turcotte, Cozens, and Dach are off the board when the 7th pick rolls around.

Caufield falls into Buffalo’s lap and lights up the wing spot for the next decade.


The Pick: Cole Caufield

The Sabres desperately needs goal scorers, and Caufield is a proven goal scorer (72 goals in 64 USDP games and 14 goals in seven WU18 tournamaent games).

Although he small, size is quickly becoming more useless in the NHL every single year.

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