Joining The Charging Buffalo: Walter Zurowski


Hello Sabres fans, my name is Walter and I am very proud to be the newest member of The Charging Buffalo team. I am a 21 year-old college student who and I have been a Sabres fan my whole life. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching Dominik Hasek diving around the crease making spectacular save after save. I fell in love with the Sabres during the Miroslav Satan era where it felt as if the team would be stuck in “No Man’s Land” forever. I remember when Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, and co. combined with our incoming youth to create an unstoppable force that seemed destined to win a Cup, just to have it all fall apart in the Summer of ‘07. It’s certainly been a very turbulent road as a Sabres fan since those days, but the tough times are what makes the good times that much better. With the addition of Rasmus Dahlin, the good times do not look that far away anymore.


I had a bit of an nontraditional path to my online hockey writing career. I was bored one weekend last winter and decided to start a hockey prospect blog and social media account where I would post GIFs of various prospects. I was originally going to create a Sabres-based prospect blog, but with Kris Baker already doing a fantastic job in that field, I decided that another blog would be redundant. Since I have a lot of family in the Greater Toronto Area, I decided to make a Toronto Maple Leafs prospect blog and social media account. I know, I know, “Why would a Sabres fan want to make a prospects blog based off the rival team?” I definitely took the heat from both sides, but in the end, the Leafs fans accepted me with open arms. I eventually closed down my original blog to write for Maple Leafs Hotstove later that year. It has certainly been interesting following both the Leafs and Sabres and comparing the franchises from a prospect development standpoint. If you want to check out my Leafs prospects account, just head over to @FutureOfThe6 on Twitter.

Well it is now time to begin my Sabres writing career and I have to say that I am very excited. The Charging Buffalo puts up second-to-none coverage of the Sabres and their prospects and helped make a horrific 2017-18 season a little less horrific. I can’t wait to join the team and provide the fans with some awesome Sabres content!

Also, feel free to follow me on my new Sabres-related Twitter account, @FutureOfThe716

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