Joining The Charging Buffalo: D.J. Mitchell

Everyone has traumatic events which become known as “Flashbulb Memories”. These memories are generally associated with either personal or global events where we have a high recollection of exactly where we were and what was happening during said event. June 1st, 2006, The Buffalo Sabres lost a heart-wrenching Game 7 to the Carolina Hurricanes and I’m sure many of you reading can remember the feeling associated with that night. Many remotes were lost due to the Justin Williams empty net goal which finished off the best chance Buffalo had at a championship this millennium. Since the departure of Drury and Briere, the tune “Better Days” by The Goo Goo Dolls has been overplayed and many have turned on “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” to describe the torment of yet another last-place finish in 2018.

On April 28th, 2018, we were given another memory that brought tears of joy to many Sabres fans as the ping-pong balls showed up 1-4-6-14 giving the Buffalo Sabres the 1st overall pick. This event was so impactful to me that I doubled down on the narrative by decorating my graduation cap with the lottery numbers and wore the beautiful Winter Classic jersey under my robe. It’s about time those ping-pong balls brought about unbridled enthusiasm. 
That may have been your initial introduction to me, but let me assure you that I have been busy in the hockey community for the past three years with SabreTalk (which currently lies dormant but was the original source of Jack Eichel shooting the puck through the net in development camp) and now with the Morning Skate Podcast which focuses on Daily Fantasy Hockey. Starting next year, it will be a source for all the legal wagering one can do within the National Hockey League. Delivering accurate information in this field comes from having a strong grasp on the analytics behind driving offense and predicting how several variables will affect each player’s performance each night. Our data had Marchessault as a great producer even back when he was in Tampa for example, and he made good on his potential (which admittedly many in the industry saw) when given the opportunity in Vegas. I pride myself on delivering accurate information and thoroughly enjoy doing the research in order to provide it. I have taken some time to consider what I will offer to you, the reader, and come up with a few notes listed below.
A few things I promise to provide to fans of The Charging Buffalo:


  • Open communication through social media to provide articles you are interested in reading
  • Opportunities for Q&A articles where I can take time to deliver answers for anything the reader desires
  • Use connections to acquire interviews with knowledgeable media members and players in the organization
  • Keep an objective opinion on the Sabres organization and the players they employ
  • Help to find and understanding the visual/concrete hockey analytic data


My main goal or “Why I am Joining The Charging Buffalo” is to be a part of the memories yet to come. To join you on the quest back to the playoffs and beyond. I hope to someday write an article on your flashbulb memory of when the Sabres finally lifted The Stanley Cup. 

About Me:

Name: D.J. Mitchell

Hometown: Rochester, NY

College: St. Bonaventure

Twitter: dj_mitchell94

Other Interests: Concerts, Craft Beer, Cleveland Browns, Notre Dame

Day-Job: M&T Bank Managerial Development Program (Retail)

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