5 Observations from BUF vs NYI

Not a very good showing from the Sabres against New York, they looked nothing like the team that played so well against Montreal. However it is only game 2/82 so it shouldn’t raise any huge alarms. Here are my five takeaways from the Sabres-Isles game…

The Sabres D Struggled
Every member of the Sabres defense core was off, terrible turnovers, sloppy execution, simple mistakes… you name it and it happened to the D tonight. Scandella had a mind lapse that led to the Isles first goal and Beaulieu’s blatant turnover right to Tavares’ stick put the Sabres in an even deeper hole. Going forward they need be smarter and just execute better, if they can shake this off with a solid effort monday then there’s nothing to worry about.

Eichel and Kane are good at hockey
Kane and Eichel showed that they still have the chemistry from last season. Both players were solid for the most part tonight and were a driving force behind the Sabres offence. Kane with 2 goals and an assist and Eichel with a goal and assist both look to be on the verge of huge season’s for Buffalo and that is a positive going forward.

Reinhart’s line continues to possess the puck
Reinhart, Griffith and Girgensons make up the Sabres third line, but they consistently show that they are one of the best lines the Sabres have. They usually cycle the puck down low and keep the puck in the opposing end and tonight was no different. Griffith in particular has been solid through two games and has shown why the Sabres kept him with the big club to start the season.

Lehner has a bad…bad night
Aside from the second Tavares goal Lehner was not good for Buffalo. He gave up weak goals, looked to be flopping around and out of position at times… he just didn’t look right. Lehner typically plays well so I won’t raise any alarms here, just look for him to bounce back in his next start.

Antipin showing he belongs
The entire D core needs to perform better but for the second straight game Antipin did show that he belongs in the NHL. He had his struggles but he also showed some good flashes. He’s aggressive and takes risks but also has the awareness and ability to get back and play solid D. It’s only been two games but Antipin has shown people why the Sabres were so smart to take a risk and sign him, and he should go on to enjoy a good year as long as the team can avoid having nights like this one.

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