Prospect Profile: Owen Tippett

Owen Tippett

Mississauga Steelheads/OHL

Position: Right Wing

Shoots: Right

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 203 lbs


Ranked 4th by ISS.

Ranked 6th by Future Considerations.

Ranked 6th by Bob McKenzie.

Ranked 6th by McKeen’s Hockey.

Ranked 11th by Draft Analyst. 

Ranked 11th by

Ranked 12th by Dobber Prospects.

Ranked 20th by Craig Button.

As we get closer to the NHL draft, Sabres fans will likely want to get familiar with some players that could be there at 8. The first player I will be taking a look at is Mississauga Steelheads right winger Owen Tippett.

Tippett is one of the best pure goal scorers in the draft, possessing a lethal shot. His 44 goals in the OHL this past season were good for 5th in the league. Not only does Tippett possess a great shot, he has the hockey IQ to put himself in the right positions to score. Dylan Galloway, a scout for Future Considerations, said this of the Mississauga winger,

“Tippett is a speedy forward who possesses all the offensive tools, and he has an NHL-caliber shot. He uses is combination of size and smarts to help him create space and get into the best scoring areas on the ice.”

Standing around 6’1″ and weighing about 200 pounds, Tippett is close to being ready for the NHL physically. He plays a physical game, going hard to the net, and working in the corners. He’s not afraid to get into the thick of things. Tippett protects the puck well and is able to use his speed to beat opponents. He is very versatile in the sense that he can both beat you physically, mentally, and with his speed.

Those qualities are exemplified in this clip, where Tippett is able to read the play and intercept an errant pace from the Hamilton defenseman. After intercepting the pass, Tippett is able to load up and rip a shot past the goaltender. Tippetts ability to pick the placement of the puck, getting it past the defender trying to block it, and just above the goaltenders pad on his blocker side is really telling of the talent he possess. In his second goal, Tippett really shows his speed, streaking down the ice and beating two Hamilton defenders. Once again his elite shot is put on display as he picks his corner and rockets it home.

While his assists numbers were not high, Tippett still has the ability to be a playmaker.

In a four point performance against the Ottawa 67s, Tippett showed his ability to receive a pass, while staying in stride, then protecting the puck, and finding the streaking Nathan Bastian who buries in his second assist. In his third assist Tippett has the presence of mind to slow things down, allowing Nathan Bastian to drive the center lane, making space for a pass across to Trent Fox who puts it home.

Other players have been hyped up this season, possibly overshadowing Tippett, who has stayed quietly consistent offensively throughout the year. He never went two games without a point but some scouts are still weary of his play away from the puck on a consistent basis. Tippett will have to improve his defensive game and play away from the puck to make the jump to the NHL. Tippett may be viewed as a one way player, a lethal goal scorer, but for a league that is always looking for goal scorers, he won’t have to wait to long on draft day.

The Sabres would no doubt be happy to take a player like Tippett at 8. His ability to work in the corners, put himself in a good position, and use his lethal shot would make him an excellent player in the top six. If he is able to improve the defensive side of the game next season in the OHL, he’ll likely make the jump to the NHL the following year.

Thank you for reading and be on the lookout for more prospect profiles leading up to the draft!

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